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* This offer is only applicable for Peninsula Malaysia only.


A balanced red oak bokken that is made from solid red oak from Taiwan. It is most suitable for a practitioner that is looking for a beginner bokken for kata practices.
Product ID: TW4015
Price/1 unit: RM150.00
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This bokken is made from high quality solid red oak that will ensure a partnership for your practice. This bokken is suitable for advanced practitioner that require a more durable and balanced bokken that resemble the real katana. It comes with fine finishing and a leather tsuba.
Product ID: TW4015A
Price/1 unit: RM220.00

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A balanced white oak bokken that is made from solid white oak from Taiwan. It is most suitable for a practitioner that would like personalization. This bokken will be easy to be identified and will be a good bokken for sparring.
Product ID: TW4016
Price/1 unit: RM210.00
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This Shoto is suitable for those that are practicing two sword techniques or practicing to defend against long sword. The shoto is made that it is reliable and will serve as a good replacement for real attack.
Product ID: TW4017
Price/1 unit: RM110.00
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Made of heavy solid oak, in natural finish.

Product ID: TW4018
Price/1 unit: RM150.00
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Made of quality solid white oak...

Product ID: TW4018A
Price/1 unit: RM180.00
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Jo/ Bokken Bag

Dimension app:140x15cm
Product ID: ACC5075
Price/1 unit: RM60.00

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Made of fine bamboo.Handle and tip covered with leather plastic tsuba with rubber tsuba holder.
Product ID: TW4019
Price/1 unit: RM160.00
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Made of hard wood ..
Product ID: TW4020
Price/1 unit: RM160.00
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Made of  natural wood.
Product ID: TW4028
Price/1 unit: RM50.00
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Made of rubber with a hard handle,suitable for training and demo.
Product ID: TW4001
Price/1 unit: RM50.00
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Whole pistol are made of hard rubber,mostly use for training and demo.
Product ID: TW4002
Price/1 unit: RM55.00
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100% handmade by experienced hakama expert...

Material is made from polyster/rayon..

Made in Taiwan

Product ID: AB1014
Price/1 unit: RM300.00
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With a long-standing history supplying Martial Arts products since 1988, We are one of the pioneer suppliers and manufacturers of martial arts equipment in Malaysia.

We are the official supplier for the Malaysia Global Taekwon-do Federation (MGTF),  and have participated in major tournaments as official sponsors such as the 1994 International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF) World Championship in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, the 1998 Commonwealth Games, the Kuala Lumpur 2001 SEA Games, the 2004 World Veteran and Junior ITF Taekwon-do Championship in Genting Highlands in Malaysia, and more recently, OMAS was the official merchandiser for Sukan Malaysia (SUKMA) 2006,SUKMA 2008 and SUKMA 2010 for Karate-Do,Taekwondo,Judo and Silat.


  • Order can be made through website order or by phone.
  • Payment can be made payable to our Maybank and Public bank acc  .
  • T/T transfer and  Paypal  services is available to customer abroad .
  • Our delivery provider include of Skynet/City-link courier service,Pos Laju,Pos Malaysia ,TNT worldwide service and Fedex.
  • Tempahan boleh dibuat melalui laman web dan telefon.
  • Bank yang digunakan oleh pihak syarikat kami ialah Maybank dan Public Bank .
  • Perkhimatan bayaran T/T atau melalui Paypal disediakan untuk pelanggan luar negara.
  • Perkhimatan penghantaran yang digunakan oleh syarikat kami ialah Skynet/City-link kourier,Pos Laju,Pos Malaysia,TNT dan Fedex.
Shipping method

Local  shipping (Malaysia)

Online orders made after 12.00pm will be processed on the next working day.

Please allow 4 working days for Skynet courier (Monday to Friday, Not including public holidays) for deliveries of your goods, following payment processing authorization and verification.

If you wish to make any changes to the order placed on line, please contact Customer Care at Tel:012-3357911 or  take note that every order is process immediately and may not be possible to make changes.

We use SKYNET COURIER, Pos Laju and local Parcel as our local Shipping Centre for delivery of our goods within Malaysia.

Returns of merchandise are accepted for exchange or refunds within7 days of purchase. You may return new merchandise suitable for resale and does not include merchandise that has been used, altered, washed or damaged. Please attached along the original receipt with your merchandise.
  •     Merchandise that is not suitable for return are:
  •     Merchandise without an original receipt
  •     Merchandise that has been damaged
  •     Merchandise that has been altered
  •     Merchandise that has been used
  •     Merchandise that has been washed
  •     Merchandise that is discontinued
  •     Customized merchandise
Protective gear that is packed too tightly or with straps wrapped around it,  that altered the shape and surface of the merchandise

Refund of merchandise does not include the price of shipping and handling (S&H) charges charged on your order.

For any further enquiries, please contact our us at Tel:012-3357911 or

International Shipping & Return Policies

International customers will be responsible for all  tax charges, which may vary from country to country

You may also be subject to a surcharge by the courier for handling of your order through customs and or for addresses outside of their standard delivery area. We have no control over these charges and they are not included in our Product or Shipping & Handling (S&H) charges.

Orders made after 12.00pm will be processed on the next working day.

Orders that have already been shipped from our warehouse cannot be canceled.

Delivery time of goods varies for every country,  please contact us for delivery time of your goods.

We cannot accommodate requests for credit on orders that have been refused by the recipient or are undeliverable because of an incorrect international address.

For any further enquiries, please contact us at  Tel:012-3357911 or

Please read the terms and condition before placing an order. You can find the terms and condition at the end of this page.

The Merchandize and business transactions conducted at this website are the sole responsibility of Joseph Chum. The Bukit Jalil Aikido Club, Dr Leong and the Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort shall not be held liable for any problems or claims which may arise as a result of the Equipment Sales
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