Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is your Dojo location?
We are located at Bukit Jalil Golf Resort. Our class is conducted in the Aerobic Room that is opposite the Bowling Center beside the Swimming Pool.  You can refer the map here: About Us and Our Location

How do I register for the class?
The registration for our classes can be done through the Bowling Center counter. There you will find our Aikido Registration Form. Payment for the fees can be done there. Credit Card is accepted.

What is the schedule of the classes?
Currently we have adult classes on every Wed and Friday that starts at 8.30 till 10.30pm. For Children class it is only on every Friday 7 to 8 pm. Classes will not be held during public holidays and no replacement classes for these dates.

What is the Fee structure for the classes?
For adult class it's Rm 70 per month and for Children class it's Rm45 per month unlimited class. Payment to be made through the Bowling Center Counter. This does not include the DoGi (uniform) The DoGI is Rm 75 per set.

What is the suitable age for joining?
In aikido we have practitioner from age 3 to 80 years old literally. Aikido emphasize on techniques that utilises movement that you can and does not stress on strength or agility. in the training partners will learn to adapt to each persons movement to attain the best way to execute a technique without injuring the other person.

What is the age for children class?
The recommended starting age for the children class is from 5 years old to 12 years old. 

Is it possible for foreigner to join the class?
Our classes is conducted in English primarily and we have people around the world that has trained with us.

I am a malay and would like to join but uncomfortable with the bowing. is there an exemption?
In the class, bowing is just a sign of respect (Rei-Ho). We respect each person religion and as long as the student adhere to the Dojo etiquette then it will be acceptable. We have ladies that train with head covering and they are enjoying the classes.

I am wearing glasses, will this be an obstacle to the training?
Usually our training is quite glass friendly but some movement such as Ukemi (rolling) will make it challenging. We have students that uses sport glass or band that keeps the glass intact.

I would like to see the videos that is on this site but it's restricted. How can I get access?
For now we are only making it available to the students from Malaysia Aikido Association Dojos due to copyright and distribution issues. If you are, do drop me a mail and I will grant you access. For those that is not from our dojo, you may request a special exemption from Dr Leong Sensei (