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Getting to Know Tony Smibert Shihan

posted Jun 20, 2011, 7:52 PM by Chum Joseph   [ updated Jun 20, 2011, 8:23 PM ]
Hey Guys,
Our Annual Malaysian Aikido Seminar is just around the corner, and we are delighted to be able to invite Tony Smibert Shihan (7th Dan) to share his knowledge and experience with us.
A brief summary of Tony Smibert Shihan (excerpt from Aiki Kai Australia News)
At the recent 2010 Summer School Sugano Shihan announced that Tony Smibert had been awarded his 7th Dan grading from Hombu dojo in Japan.
Smibert Shihan was one of the first Aikido students in Australia, commencing under the guidance of Arthur Mooreshead (who, sadly, died just recently). Tony, and it has to be said his family also, were prime motivators in the early days to assist Sugano Shihan in getting the Aiki Kai Australian organisation off the ground.
Tony has been tireless in his efforts to support Sugano Shihan's vision for the organisation, tireless in his commitment to training and tireless in promoting Aikido in a global sense.
Until recently, Tony had been Deputy Chairman of the International Aikido Federation for 20 years and when he stepped down from that post was promoted to a position on the Superior Council.
The Council is regarded as the 'ethical caretaker' of the international organisation, much like our own Teaching & Technical Committee. Smibert Shihan is currently the only non-Japanese person to hold a position on the Superior Council.
To see Tony Smibert Shihan in action, please visit the Selected Aikido Video Clip section or here