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New Reading - The Code Of Bushido

posted Feb 27, 2014, 11:34 PM by Chum Joseph
Hi All,

Found another gem that will enlighten each Aikido practitioner to better understand the idea of Do in Aikido. The Budo principles that comes from Bushido. To access the file here: Bushido

Generally speaking, Bushido was the combined whole of the samurai lifestyle, a code of conduct geared toward developing military administrators, professional armies, and elite soldiers. Budo, on the other hand, is the application of samurai knowledge as a way to improve one's life, and the life of others. If Bushido is the "Way" of the samurai, then Budo is the "Way" of the modern Japanese martial artist.

The relation of Bushido to Budo is analogous to the development of acupuncture: during centuries of warfare, the Chinese collected massive amounts of data on the effects of puncture wounds on various parts of the body. Some of these turned out to beneficial. This information was put to use alleviate pain and promote health and healing. The same knowledge, however, can be used in lethal striking techniques. Similarly, Bushido, and the military sciences developed by the samurai, can be used for propaganda and violence, but it can also be put to positive use in Budo Benefits of Budonot only include psychological well-being, physical health, and self-improvement, but also the intellectual growth and spiritual enrichment of the Budo practitioner