The Code of Bushido

In Aikido we emphasize the way of Budo that comes from the Code of the Samurai (Bushido). To know the origin of our martial art we need to know what is the code that we need to live by as an Aikido Practitioner.

The sources of Bushido are:
- Rectitude or justice
- Courage, the spirit of Daring and Bearing
- Benevolence, the feeling of distress
- Politeness
- Veracity or Truthfulness
- Honor
- The duty of Loyalty

As these codes govern the way how Samurai behaves but it's something worth imitate and as the author indicates, there is nothing higher than the Doctrine of love.

Hope the book below will inspire us to have the right way of attaining the right practice of the Doctrine of Love.

Chum Joseph,
Feb 27, 2014, 11:16 PM